Tuesday, April 28, 2015

How to sew lapped zipper with facing.

This instruction is not demonstrated on real garment, but technique is the same.

1. Mark zipper opening. Sew the rest at 3/4” seam allowance. Leave opening for zipper.

2. Press seam open. Press right hand side of garment seam again at 5/8” (seam allowance will be narrower than before)

3. zipper pull is facing down, place the zipper teeth at 5/8” crease mark.  Baste the zipper tape on the seam.

4. Clean finish facing edge. Place facing on the top of garment, sew next to the zipper teeth.  Sew from the under side, so the basting stitches are visible. Sew on the same stitching line.

5. Then sew at the top at 5/8" through all layers
6. Trim and turn to inside. Hand or machine sew the zipper down.

Now do the other side.
7. Baste the other side of zipper tape to the left hand side of garment. Make sure the zipper is on the right         spot. ( can be closed properly)
8. Sew the clean finished facing on left side garment sew at same basting stitching line.

9. Fold it back at 3/4” crease mark.
*fold back at 3/4" crease mark. * important  
shows another angle of the view
10. Keep it fold sew at top through all layers at 5/8".  Trim and turn .
11. Hand or machine sew the zipper down to the garment from right side of fabric.
finished right side 
finished underside.