Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Welcome to Sewing is So Fun this site. At here you can find sewing projects and tutorials. I am a former sewing instructor at a sewing club. Now I teach sewing in my house. I can teach beginner to intermediate level. Sewing makes me happy, creative, and I enjoy every day of my life. I'd like to share the joy with you too.

You can find sewing projects under tab" sewing projects". Click the link to see different project categories.  You are welcome to bring your own sewing patterns or pictures of the garment to learn how to sew your projects too.

Contact me at shuqi@sewingissofun.com if you are interested in learning any sewing projects.  You always have two or three fabric choices for your sewing project.  You will not only learn sewing skills but also learn how to adjust the pattern to fit you well.

If you are not interested in learning how to sew but want me to sew something for you, I do that at affordable price too.

Thank you for visiting. Have a great day.
Shuqi Tong
How to sew lapped zipper with facing.

This instruction is not demonstrated on real garment, but technique is the same.

1. Mark zipper opening. Sew the rest at 3/4” seam allowance. Leave opening for zipper.

2. Press seam open. Press right hand side of garment seam again at 5/8” (seam allowance will be narrower than before)

3. zipper pull is facing down, place the zipper teeth at 5/8” crease mark.  Baste the zipper tape on the seam.

4. Clean finish facing edge. Place facing on the top of garment, sew next to the zipper teeth.  Sew from the under side, so the basting stitches are visible. Sew on the same stitching line.

5. Then sew at the top at 5/8" through all layers
6. Trim and turn to inside. Hand or machine sew the zipper down.

Now do the other side.
7. Baste the other side of zipper tape to the left hand side of garment. Make sure the zipper is on the right         spot. ( can be closed properly)
8. Sew the clean finished facing on left side garment sew at same basting stitching line.

9. Fold it back at 3/4” crease mark.
*fold back at 3/4" crease mark. * important  
shows another angle of the view
10. Keep it fold sew at top through all layers at 5/8".  Trim and turn .
11. Hand or machine sew the zipper down to the garment from right side of fabric.
finished right side 
finished underside.  

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Women's elastic waist drss

Women's elastic waist dress with gathered neckline.

High beginning level.  Everything is included (Fabric may vary from sample)

Technique:  Learn how to gather neck line, bind neckline and sleeves.  How to sew elastic on the waist line.



Gathered neckline

Boy's Suit pants

Boy's suit pants with pleats (optional) waist band, zip fly, hook and eye closure, belt carries, front slant pockets and back welt pockets

Intermediate level.  3-4 classes needed.

Technique:  How to sew waist band, zip fly, belt carries, front slant pockets and back welt pockets, and hook and eyes.

Front with pleats (optional)

Back with welt pockets
Inside with adjustable elastic

Welt pockets 

Front slant pockets

Girls' Shorts with Pockets

Girls' Shorts with slant front pockets, welt pockets at back, zip fly, hook and eye closure.
Intermediate level.   3 classes needed.  Fabric included (It may vary from the sample)

Technique: Learn how to adjust pattern to fit, how to sew zipper fly, welt pockets, slant pockets, waist band, hook and eye closure.

Back with welt pockets

Zipper fly, hook and eye closure

Inside with adjustable elastic (optional)
Front view on an actual girl

Back view

Side view 

American Historical Girl dress

American historical girls' dress with hat and scarf accessories.
Learn couture techniques.

Intermediate level.  4 classes needed.  Bring your own fabric.
Technique: Learn how to adjust pattern to fit, how to gather fabric, how to sew skirt part to pointed waist line, how to sew facing, how to do hand catch/herringbone stitching hem, how to sew thread eyes, how to sew center zipper.


Center zipper
Hand catch/herringbone stitching hem
Thread eyes 
View on actual girl