My other interests

One of my oil paintings. 
My husband's hobby is RC (radio controlled) airplanes. If you are curious about his RC airplanes, click here to see his videos on YouTube.   Back to the story, once he got some very nice original copies from original oil paintings with artist's signature etc.  They are airplanes.   He was wondering if he could buy some real oil painting of airplanes.  I said I could paint it for him.  I was taking oil painting classes with an instructor.  I finished it just on time for Father's Day.  That was a perfect gift for Father's Day. 

Some my face painting work.
I do face painting too.  Here are some of my work of face painting.  I only use professional face paints that only use FDA approved ingredient.  If you need a face painting artist for your party, please contact me at

4th of July face painting 2013