1. Can I bring my own sewing machine to here?
Yes, you can, but you don't have to.  Machines are provided here, so you don't have to haul anything to here.  However, if you have questions about your machine, or want to learn how to use your own machine, you are welcome to bring your own machine.  Please bring the Owner's Manuel too. 

2.  Do you provide sewing thread, elastic, interfacing and buttons?
Yes, all the sewing notions are provided.  Only basic buttons are available here.

3.  Do you provide zipper?
If the sewing project has a zipper on it and states  " everything is included", zipper will be provided.  If the sewing project is your own, please bring your own zipper. 

4.  I don't have any sewing experience, can I come and learn it too?
Yes, this class is perfect for beginners.  Class size is small.  3 customers are maximum.  You will get lots of attention to guide you step by step.  Picking a right sewing project is important, if it states "intermediate level", it is not a good choice for beginners. 

5.  I'd like to learn how to sew, but I don't have time at the hours that you listed under "class hour" what do I do?
Please contact me at sewingissofun@earthlink.net and I might be able to arrange some other time for you.

6. What sewing machine do I use here?
Straight stitch sewing machine:  Brother PQ 1500s which is identical to BABY LOCK Jane machine.
Sensible and straight-forward Jane is a straight stitch machine with a speed of 1,500 stitches per minute. She is entrepreneurial and business-minded to help you achieve your goals. And with the extension table and Precision Feed System, you can create to your project's needs.

Serger or over lock machine: BABY LOCK BLSE 300, BL 90 or Brother 1043D

Cover stitch machine, BABY LOCK cover stitch.  http://babylock.com/sergers/cover-stitch
The Cover Stitch machine is perfect for both home sewers and tailor shops. Designed especially to complement a Baby Lock four-thread serger, the Cover Stitch machine creates professional finishes for all ready-to-wear and home decorating projects. Effortlessly create triple, wide and narrow cover stitches.

7.  Can I learn to sew my own project?  How do you charge it?
Yes, the sewing projects that post on here are just some of my ideas.  You are welcome to bring your own pattern and fabric and learn how to sew it. 
I charge it by project:
If it is simple and can be finished in 2 1/2 hours by me.(even though it might take 4 hours for you)  It will be $30.00 per project.  You can come many times here until you finish the same project.
If it has zipper, lining, buttonholes, piping,  facing, binding, more than 7 pieces of pattern pieces, or etc, it will take longer time to finish, it will be $40 and more per project.  You can come many times until you finish the same project. 

8.  I know what I want to sew, I have seen it at Etsy, store, or on someone,  but I don't have a pattern. Can you teach me how to sew it?
It will depends on what you'd like to sew.  Yes, I know how to sew most of sewing products that I have seen on Etsy.  You are always welcome to contact me with your ideas or pictures,  I love challenges.  If I know how to do it, I will provide the pattern (either draw or find a similar one) for you. 

9.  I don't want to learn to sew, but I like what you sewed, can you just sew one for me and how do you charge it?
Yes, I do that too.  It will be 20% lower than the fee that listed for the class. 

10.  I don't want to learn, but I'd like to have you sew something that is not listed here as your sewing project.  Would you like to do that too?  How do you charge it?
Yes, I would like to do that too.  It will depend on how much time is involved to finish it.  Contact me with your ideas,  pictures, or patterns.  Most likely it will be between $20--$40.  Bring your own fabric. 

11. I know how to sew, can I just come and use your machines and threads to sew it?  How do you charge it?
Yes, you are welcome to come and use my machines and threads with minimum help.  I have many different colors of threads.  I'll charge $20.00 per project .  For example,  you are sewing a piece of clothes, you come here few times or one time just to finish the same one, it will be $20.00 until you finish it.  No quilting items.  If you need lots of help through the project, I would recommend you take a class with me to learn how to sew it. 

12.  I don't have serger or cover stitch machine at home, can I just come to use them to finish hems and seams?  How do you charge it?   
Yes, you are welcome to come to do that too.  It will be $5.00 per hour.  If it is less than an hour, it will be charged as an hour. 

13.  What will I learn at your sewing class?
You will learn lots of sewing skills.  At here you won't just cut and sew.  You will learn how to adjust a pattern to fit you well.  Not only learn how to assemble your sewing projects but also learn the easy and fast way to do it.  Experience different kind of machines.

14.  Where is location of your class?
It is located in Huntington Beach, California. 

If you didn't see answers to your question, please contact me at shuqi@sewingissofun.com