Monday, April 29, 2013

From Daddy's shirt to daddy's little girl's dress or tunic. 

Bring a daddy's long sleeve shirt that you want to change.   To save your time remove the front pocket at home. (You can do it here if you don't know how)  And email me what size you will do. I'll prepare the pattern for you.  The bigger size the shirt is, the more fabric you will have to play with.  On the picture,  the shirt is a size large, and the dress is size 7 which fit my 7 years old daughter as a dress,  but my other slim 10 years old can wear it as a tunic.  So, a size large shirt can get a up to size 7 dress or a tunic for bigger kids.  If you want to do size 3-5, a size medium will do. 

Technique:  Learn how to alter the shirt to a dress, sew elastic casing the easy way.

1-2 classes.  Bring your own men's shirt.